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Apostle Jenkins Bio

Apostle Robert Jenkins born August 21, 1963, in Warren, Ohio. He is the founder of Divine Insight Ministry in New Orleans,Louisiana where he and his wife Cassandra Jenkins resides.

A multicultural, bible based, spirit filled minstry that engages in reaching the hearts of men, by first touching the hearts of God. Robert Jenkins has many years of bible training, and has traveled many part of the world throughout his 38 years of preaching. He has a revolutionary ministry gift, and is known for revelatory preaching.

Jenkins shares a God-inspired word which a high demand has been placed both by clergy and laity alike. The command by God on Apostle Jenkins’ life is the awakening of oneself to truth. His endeavor for God’s people is that:

  • Purpose is revealed
  • Passions is renewed
  • Principles are restored

“I believe that a key to life to every believer is when you face your fears, your dreams come true.”

God bless,

  –Apostle R. Jenkins